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5 reasons why your car insurance may go up

1. You moved home

If your new postcode is in a higher risk area, such as a city, your cover may increase. 

Or, if you no longer have a garage or driveway and you have to park on the street overnight, your premium may rise. 

2. Your child started school

Doing the school run will mean you’re on the road more often.

And the more you drive, the higher your annual mileage, causing you to pay more for your cover.

3. You changed jobs

Some job titles carry higher premiums if they’re seen as more risky.

But you can tinker with your job title to get cheaper cover, as long as it remains accurate.

For example, if you’re a journalist, you could use ‘writer’. Or if you’re a chef, you could say ‘caterer’.  

4. You’re newly single

Some insurance providers charge single people more for car insurance than people in a relationship.

This is because data shows single people are more likely to make an expensive claim. 

5. You bought a new car

If your new car is in a higher insurance group, you’ll pay more for your car insurance.

And if it’s an expensive model, your cover could go up because it’ll cost more to repair.