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How much does it cost to insure a Mini?

Annual Mini car insurance premiums typically range from £400 for basic third-party cover to over £900 for comprehensive policies. Exact rates depend on driver age, location, model and other variables.

Factors that increase Mini insurance costs include:

  • Engine size: larger engines such as 2.0-litre engines have higher premiums than smaller 1.5-litre variants
  • Performance models: Cooper S, JCW and GP models are more expensive to insure than basic Minis, as they’re more powerful
  • Driver age: drivers under 25 pay higher premiums and excesses than older drivers with more experience
  • No-claims discount (NCD): accumulating multi-year NCDs can provide substantial savings, so having a policy that allows them is beneficial
  • Location: inner cities come with higher premiums than rural areas. Parking is also a factor in insurance costs
  • Security: many providers offer discounts for alarms, immobilisers and proper garaging
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What factors determine Mini insurance costs?

When calculating premiums, insurers consider the following:

Driving record

Recent accidents, traffic violations and disqualifications raise rates substantially, so having a clean record lowers insurance costs.

Vehicle use

Daily-driver policies cost more than those covering occasional recreational use. Mileage also impacts premiums.

Vehicle security

Some insurers offer discounts for approved security devices and secure garaging, which deter theft and damage and reduce the likelihood of claims.

Coverage limits

Lower coverage levels reduce premiums but leave drivers exposed when filing a major claim. 

Tips for reducing Mini insurance premiums

Here are some ways you can get cheaper Mini insurance in the UK:

  • Shop around extensively and compare quotes from multiple insurers
  • Ask about discounts for factors such as multi-car policies, low mileage, experienced drivers and advanced courses
  • Increase voluntary excess to over £500 to lower premiums if you can afford the extra costs when claiming
  • Add an experienced second driver to your policy, such as a partner or parent, to benefit from their good record
  • Limit your use of the Mini to recreational and occasional use rather than driving daily, if possible
  • Improve your car’s security with an approved alarm and tracking system, and ensure your garage is as secure as it can be
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Mini car insurance FAQS

The Mini ranges from groups 11 to 33 depending on the model, engine size and specifications. The more powerful Cooper S and JCW editions are in higher groups.

Minis generally have a below-average to average reliability record, but their maintenance costs are lower than other premium brands, which makes them more appealing.

A 2017 Mini clubman has a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, with good occupant-protection scores and available advanced driver-assistance systems.

According to estimates, Mini fuel consumption ranges from 35 to 50 miles per gallon depending on the engine, transmission and driving style.

Yes, the Mini Electric is an all-electric vehicle released in 2020 and a new all-electric Mini Countryman became available in 2024.

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