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Hive home security review: Smart home devices tested

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Smart home security systems provide heightened security, instantaneous surveillance and increased authority to homeowners. These systems can identify potential hazards, such as break-ins, fires, or gas leaks and promptly deliver notifications to your smart device, enabling quick responses. They are designed to learn and adapt to regular household routines, thereby reducing the incidence of false alarms.

Hive, owned by British Gas’s parent company Centrica, produces a broad range of smart home devices, including security systems, thermostats, lightbulbs and electric vehicle charging products. They offer self-installation and monitoring and are designed to be user-friendly, stylish and affordable. 

Hive, however, has announced that its commitment to home security will end on 1 August 2025, with support ceasing for its cameras and alarms, which are already discontinued. Support for its leak detection sensors will end sooner – on 1 September 2023. Although Hive’s motion and door and window sensors can still be purchased from its website, cameras and other home security products can only be bought from third parties, with limited devices available.


60-second review

Rating: ★★


Hive has discontinued its line of home security products and they are only available from third parties, such as Amazon. The support for these devices is due to cease on 1 August 2025. 


Hive’s security cameras deliver a good all-round performance but don’t, we feel, offer value for money. There are limited models available and with the cessation of support, Hive cameras could potentially be at risk of hacking attacks due to vulnerabilities that are no longer being fixed. 

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How we test smart home security systems

hours of research
customer service calls
security systems compared
experts consulted
customer reviews read

To thoroughly test Hive’s home security products, our experts analyse every product’s performance, features and value for money. Customer reviews and industry opinions are also considered. 

The following categories determine our Hive review:

  • Reputation and credibility
  • Security and performance
  • Features
  • Plans and pricing value
  • Customer experience

We examine 35 elements within these categories, including:

  • Monitoring services and contract types
  • Data backup and storage
  • Warranties
  • Flexibility/customisation in bundles
  • Quality (image, sound, product)
  • Installation

Every Independent Advisor home security article undergoes verification by our internal team to ensure we provide an unbiased, reliable review, allowing homeowners to make informed decisions. For more information, read our article on how we review home security systems.

How does a smart home security system work?

Generally, smart systems employ interconnected devices to deliver a comprehensive security solution. Unlike traditional systems that depend on alarms and direct contact with emergency services, smart systems provide instant responses to threats and hazards and give the homeowner an improved degree of command, personalisation, and interaction.

Automation can be preprogrammed to carry out actions, such as turning the lights on if a camera senses activity, and instant notifications are sent to your smartphone if any device is triggered. An app allows you to control your system remotely, and this degree of control and customisation sets smart security apart from traditional systems.

Hive overview

  • Equipment cost: £164.48 for a Hive View Indoor Security Camera
  • Monthly fee: From £3.99 per month
  • Power outage backup: Battery backup
  • Mobile phone backup: Yes
  • Live streaming: Yes
  • Push alerts: Yes
  • Remotely arm/disarm system: Yes
  • Voice assistants: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Apps for: Android and iOS 


Easy installations User-friendly devices Well-designed products


Home security devices discontinued Support discontinued from 1 August 2025 Limited product availability on Amazon

How does Hive compare with its competitors?

Due to Hive discontinuing its home security products, none of the relevant devices are available on its website and only limited numbers are available from third parties, such as Amazon. As a result, carrying out a comprehensive comparison is challenging. 

Hive’s products are designed for self-installation and the packages include the necessary mounting equipment. Self-monitoring is via the Hive app, and there is no option for professional monitoring. 

In August 2025, Hive’s cameras will stop working effectively. As a result, our researchers feel that they do not offer value for money. You would be better served by purchasing Ring, Abode, or Hey! home security systems. 

Key feature ↓ Hive Google Nest ADT SimpliSafe Ring Hey!
Minimum equipment cost (without installation) £106.33 £239.99 £199 £249.96 £219.99 £129.99
Starting monthly fee £3.99 £5 £35.99 (36 months minimum) From £15.90 £3.49 (optional) £3.49 for optional cloud storage
Power outage backup Battery 12-hour battery backup Checked daily by ADT 24-hour backup battery 24-hour battery backup Battery backup on floodlight camera and long battery charge specified on some items
Mobile phone backup Yes Yes Cloud storage 4G data backup Yes, cloud storage with subscription Cloud storage or SD card
Live streaming Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Push alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remotely arm/disarm system Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Best alternative to
SimpliSafe offers a huge range of customisable home security systems to suit any size house. Homeowners can choose self or professional monitoring, with monthly prices starting at £15.99.
Excellent Trustpilot rating
Easy to install yourself
No long-term contracts
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How much does Hive home security cost?

Hive has discontinued its range of cameras and few models are available on Amazon and other third-party sites. As a result, our researchers had only one package to test and one individual device. 

Package Equipment Cost on Amazon
Hive HomeShield Smart Home Security Starter Pack Hive hub Hive siren Hive door/window sensors Hive motion sensor Hive keypad £106.33
Hive Smart Camera Hive smart camera £99
Hive View Indoor Security Camera Hive View Indoor Security Camera £163.40

Monthly costs

With Hive support for its home security cameras ending in August 2025, any camera subscription plan is time-limited.

Subscription plan Features Cost
No subscription Playback 24-hour video footage N/A
Hive Video Playback 30 days secure storage – Download and share footage – 10 per cent discount on Hive products £39 per year for one camera
Hive HomeShield Plus 30 days camera storage for an unlimited number of cameras – Arm or disarm your alarm from anywhere – Switch between home, sleep and away modes in the app and via Apple Watch – Get intelligent alerts – Live incident reports – Unique PIN codes for family members and guests – Contact police quickly through the app – Theft protection for your outdoor devices – Benefit from an extended warranty £9.99 per month for unlimited cameras
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Equipment overview

Hive hub

The hub plugs into a router, connecting all Hive devices together and serving as the nerve centre of a home security system. Pairing and managing your smart technology can be done through your app. 

Hive window and door sensors

Hive’s window and door sensors are available on the website and there seems to be no plans to discontinue them.

Hive’s sensors are simple to install and will send alerts if your door or window status changes (if they are opened or closed). You can use the app to set up Hive Actions, which could include turning the heating on if the front door is opened. 

Hive motion sensor

If the motion sensor detects movement, an instant alert will be sent to the app, allowing you to decide your course of action. The pet-friendly model can identify movement but ignores pets under 36kg, minimising false alarms. These devices will not be discontinued.

Hive outdoor camera

The Hive outdoor camera provides HD live streaming, automatic night vision, two-way audio and person detection. You can watch footage from the last 24 hours or, via Hive Video Playback membership, access recordings from the previous 30 days.

View indoor camera

Hive’s View indoor camera provides HD live streaming, automatic recording when triggered by motion, and pet or person detection, reducing the instances of false alerts. You can download recordings straight to your smartphone and playback videos from the last 24 hours, or with a subscription to Video Playback, access recordings from the last 30 days. 

The camera can be removed from its base and features an hour of battery time. It also has a magnetic base or can easily be wall mounted with the fittings included in the box. 

Hive smart camera

The smart camera from Hive captures HD footage and allows zoom features through the smartphone app. It also offers two-way communication and automatic night vision. 

What do customers say?

Trustpilot awards Hive 2.5 out of five stars, with 26 per cent of reviews leaving a one- or two-star score. Many reported problems with their security cameras, app functionality, and lack of customer support. Conversely, the 65 per cent of customers leaving four- and five-star reviews were satisfied with the support offered and product performance. 

 Amazon customers have awarded Hive’s indoor camera four out of five stars.


“I own a Hive homeview camera. It stopped working so I contacted Hive, which I was dreading doing having read the various reviews from others with similar problems. However, my own experience was excellent and Hive sent me a replacement camera within a week without quibbling.”


“After spending a fortune on a nice indoor camera from hive I get two years out of it then they do an update to the software and hey presto it is now no longer working. Hive not interested at all!”


“Works fine when you’re viewing on your phone using wifi. Picks up voice conversation well.”

App overview

Hive has two apps to control its smart home products – HomeSheild and the Hive app. 

The HomeSheild app, designed for managing Hive’s security devices, is no longer available. However, if you already have a subscription, it will continue functioning until 1 August 2025. 

The Hive app is user-friendly with a straightforward interface. It allows homeowners to create automation – called “Actions”, such as switching on a light when the camera is triggered. Users can zoom in, change the image resolution, benefit from two-way communication and receive instant alerts wherever they are. 

Hive’s best home security packages

Our experts have reviewed the only Hive home security package available, looking into its installation, performance and value for money.  

Hive HomeShield Smart Home Security Starter Pack

  • What you get: 
    • 1x Hive hub
    • 1x Hive siren
    • 2x Hive door/window sensors
    • 1x Hive motion sensor
    • 1x Hive keypad
  • Upfront cost: £106.33 from Amazon
  • Monthly fee: From £3.99

Hive’s HomeShield Starter Pack, available from Amazon, provides a good basic security system and is easy to install. It can be set up to monitor movement within your home, sending instant alerts if any sensor is triggered, and follow pre-programmed actions. Giving homeowners control wherever they are, the app allows customised modes, unique PINs for guests and quick access to emergency services. 

While the siren is discontinued, the hub, keypad and sensors continue to feature in Hive’s catalogue and will remain supported. However, our researchers feel that adding cameras would provide a more comprehensive home security solution.


Independent Advisor’s verdict

With so few Hive home security products still available and support for existing systems ending in 2025, our researchers suggest that if you’re looking for a home security system, consider other brands, such as Ring, Adobe, or Hey!. 


Hive has confirmed its commitment to supporting its cameras, addressing faults and other related problems until 1 August 2025. It will uphold warranty periods of 12 months and honour any extended warranties. 


Rating: ★★

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Frequently asked questions

Hive has discontinued its range of home security cameras and no longer stocks them on its website. They are available in limited numbers on third-party sites, such as Amazon. 

The support for its cameras is ending on the 1 August 2025, meaning that, although the cameras will continue to function, they could be vulnerable to hacking attacks due to vulnerabilities that are not being fixed.

Hive cameras use industry-recognised protocols to ensure the security of your data. Videos are uploaded and encrypted using the latest standard – AES-128 encryption. The videos and encryption keys are stored in distinct secure zones and only decrypted when you wish to play them back. 

Should you terminate your Hive online account or disengage your cameras, all recorded videos are eradicated. Any videos that aren’t required for storage and are no longer accessible via your Hive app are also eliminated.

Although the support for Hive cameras will be withdrawn on 1 August 2025, the cameras will continue functioning. However, as any vulnerabilities are not being fixed from that date, the cameras will become less efficient.

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