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Anglian Home Improvements windows review

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Founded in the 1960s, Anglian Home Improvements (Anglian) has become a household name as a double glazing company. Among the top three window replacement companies in the UK, Anglian offers a comprehensive choice of types of window designs, materials and optional features, so it’s an obvious choice for anyone looking for replacement windows. But how does Anglian score in reviews, and what do customers think?

You can find Anglian reviews on reliable sites, such as Trustpilot. They’re a key tool for informing homeowners who are looking for a reputable company to supply their new windows. We’ll look at Anglian Home Improvements reviews to see if its place as a front runner for new double-glazed windows and doors is justified.

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Anglian’s windows pros and cons

The twin drivers for nearly every customer shopping for replacement windows are choice and cost. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to see how Anglian’s windows rate.

Anglian scores highly when it comes to choice and design. All its windows are made-to-measure, so there should be no difficulty supplying what you need, even if it is a bit out of the ordinary. 

Like most windows installers, Anglian requires a deposit, and the window prices are arranged on a quote-by-quote basis. For cash orders, the deposit amount is based on a flat percentage rate of the total price, while a lower down payment is available for customers who choose one of the company’s finance options.

Anglian’s unit prices are competitive, and the company also offers a price match guarantee on its uPVC windows and doors. If you fill out Anglian’s online quote form, you could get a discount of up to £250. Meanwhile, the company operates a scrappage scheme, whereby it recycles old windows and passes the savings on to the customer by way of a reduced order value. Anglian also runs special offers and sales from time to time, so if you’re thinking of replacing your windows, it’s worth checking for any current promotions.    

Finance options with Anglian range from 12 to 180 months, depending on the product, according to the company. Its representative APR is 12.9 per cent, which can be considered competitive in today’s lending climate.

Anglian’s customer reviews often highlight its 10- to 15-year warranty across all its gas-filled sealed units, which beats the standard warranty offered by many of Anglian’s competitors, which is usually only 10 years. In addition, it offers a 10-year, insurance-backed guarantee on all of its windows and doors to cover the cost of partial or complete repairs in the event the company ceases trading. 

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Anglian’s window types

Anglian offers many different types of windows in timber, uPVC and aluminium. Here are the different styles and designs:

  • Casement window: A traditional single or double-panelled window, hinged from the side, top or bottom. Casement windows are operated by a handle, and the panels open outwards and sit proud from the frame when closed
  • Flush casement window: This style of casement opens from the top or the side and closes so that the face of the window sits flush with the frame
  • Sash window: Sash windows comprise two glazed panels called sashes, which move up and down vertically using a pulley and counterweight hidden within the frame. They can be single- or double-hung. Single-hung sashes have only one moving panel. Modern sash windows can tilt to optimise ventilation and make for easy cleaning
  • Tilt and turn window: Tilt and turn windows have a hinge mechanism that allows the window to tilt from the bottom for ventilation or turn to open it inwards fully. Tilt and turn windows are great for ventilation while making the best use of space in terraced houses, conservatories and on balconies
  • Bay window: A bay window extends outwards from the exterior wall in an arc shape, creating more space in the room and a feature both inside and outside, increasing natural light and providing a good view. There are lots of different variations available, including a mix of window styles within the framework
  • Cottage window: Replicating a traditional cottage look, this window style is perfect for period or older properties and can add a classic design to a modern home. A cottage window features glazing bars that create the illusion of multiple separate panes of glass
Flush casement windows are generally preferred in modern homes as an alternative to traditional casement frames. (Anglian)

Anglian’s windows energy efficiency

Poorly insulated windows and doors leak heat, drain your wallet with higher energy costs and impact the environment. Buildings can lose 30 per cent of their energy via the windows. Even well-fitting doors and windows will be poor thermal regulators if the glazing is not up to standard.

In June 2022, the minimum window energy rating to meet building regulations was upgraded from C to B. Luckily, Anglian Home Improvements has been installing A-rated windows as standard since 2014.

Energy ratings differ across the product range depending on the material and type of glazing chosen, but in general, its double-glazed windows are rated B to A+, while triple-glazed windows are rated A, A+ or A++. This puts Anglian at the top end of the Window Energy Ratings Scheme developed by the British Fenestration Ratings Council.

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has an energy calculator that homeowners can use to see how much money new energy-efficient windows will save them. Upgrading from single glazing or older double glazing to Anglian’s double-glazed A-rated units could save nearly £184.25 on annual energy bills and almost half a tonne of CO2 annually.

Anglian’s window installation process

Before you place an order with Anglian and pay the deposit, a local designer will contact you to discuss the company’s range of products and get an idea of your requirements, from window type and material to glazing options. The designer will be able to help you make an informed decision on the best options for your home.

Following the design consultation, a surveyor will visit your property to measure your windows and discuss other features, window furniture, adjustments and any upgrades with you on a room-by-room basis, so you can be confident the measurements are correct when you place the order. Every aspect of the window design is carefully planned.

Once the order is placed at the factory, lead times average between four and 12 weeks, but your designer will have given you an estimate during your initial consultation. Anglian will confirm the date of installation as your windows are being scheduled for production.

On the installation day, the time it takes to remove your old windows will depend on a number of factors, including the complexity of the installation and scaffolding requirements. It’s helpful if the installation team has easy access to the window space in each room – this saves time and avoids the risk of damage to fixtures and fittings.

It’s advisable to move furniture and window furnishings before installation day, but Anglian’s installers will lay dust sheets in each room and wear protective footwear to protect your flooring. 

Anglian installers will inspect each window once they’ve finished the installation to ensure it has been correctly fitted. They’ll discuss operating instructions and maintenance and will tidy away any residual mess. Anglian reviews consistently highlight the quality of the installation service, which is described as prompt and professional by numerous customers.

Anglian’s window prices

Anglian reviews reveal that its prices are competitive, however the company does not list standard unit costs because all of its windows and doors are made to measure and therefore the price will be bespoke to your project. The design consultant will be able to give you an accurate quote, and Anglian says its prices are inclusive of VAT and installation costs. This is handy because you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll pay before you commit to a contract.

How does the quote process work?

As mentioned above, customers can obtain a quote for their project by completing a consultation with one of Anglian’s designers and having measurements taken by a surveyor. They will be given an estimated lead time during this consultation and an exact installation date once their windows are scheduled to be built.  

Anglian supplies both double- and triple-glazed windows (triple-glazed units have been specified here) (Anglian)

What factors affect custom pricing?

There are a number of factors that will impact the final price, including your choice of material, window type, glazing, hardware and colour or finish. The design consultation is also the time to discuss any unusual or bespoke features of your existing windows, such as unique shapes. If you want to add a different type of glass or opt for decoration, this will impact the cost. Etched, coloured or obscured glass or patterned features for doors increase the price.

Window security is a big priority for many customers, and Anglian offers superior construction with toughened glass where required to deter intruders. Key-locking security handles are fitted as standard. However, homeowners concerned about safety can opt for more protection.

How Anglian compares to the competition

When it comes to cost, Anglian is very competitive thanks to its uPVC price match promise.

Its guarantees are generous, its products are well-made and properly installed, and reviews suggest staff are generally helpful and professional. Anglian has been in business for more than half a century, and this longevity and long-established reputation persuade a lot of people to consider Anglian for their replacement windows.

Anglian Home Improvements reviews suggest customers are satisfied with the price, installation, quality and service, making them a worthwhile consideration when it comes to replacing your windows.

Frequently asked questions about Anglian windows

Overall, Anglian’s windows are competitively priced when factoring in all the essential elements, including installation, service and guarantees. Quality windows will improve your energy costs, boost the value of your home and enhance its aesthetic, so they’re a valuable long-term investment. Furthermore, it offers a price match promise on uPVC windows and doors, making it hard to beat on costs.

Anglian offers triple glazing within a uPVC frame in a range of colours. Triple-glazed windows comprise three panes of glass, offering the ultimate energy efficiency. The frame includes a thermal insert in the mainframe chamber, creating smaller sections within the unit to reduce heat loss. There’s a spacer bar made from insulating material between each pane of glass, which stops heat escaping from around the edge of the unit. A low-E insulating gas is inserted in the voids between the glass. This has a low conductivity and is another way Anglian’s triple glazing is thermally efficient.

All Anglian triple-glazed units are rated A, A+ or A++ depending on the type of window chosen. Triple glazing is perfect for cold rooms, which tend to be north facing and lack natural light. Triple glazing will keep the room warmer and maximise heat retention. It also reduces noise, which is perfect for houses in busy urban locations, and minimises the build-up of condensation when humid air meets cold glass.

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This calculator works using pricing data sourced directly from UK windows manufacturers. Prices are subject to fluctuations, however, so please use the results as a guide and contact suppliers for an exact price for your property.

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