About Independent Advisor: Meet our team of experts and find out how we review products and services

Meet the team

Independent Advisor’s editorial team is composed of journalists and experts with a combined experience of over 75 years. We are dedicated to unbiased, trustworthy, and accurate reporting.

We will always put our readers first; our priority is to provide reliable, impartial and up-to-date consumer advice that helps individuals make informed purchasing decisions for their most important products and services.

Connor Campbell new profile April 2024Connor Campbell, Senior Finance Writer
Connor is an experienced personal and business finance writer who has been producing online content for almost a decade. He’s the personal finance expert for Independent Advisor, guiding readers through everything they need to know about car insurance and home insurance.

Rachel Sadler new profile April 2024Rachel Sadler, Home Tech Writer
Rachel is a seasoned writer who has been producing online and print content for seven years. As a home tech expert for Independent Advisor, Rachel researches and writes buying guides and reviews, helping consumers navigate the realms of broadband and home security gadgets.

Gemma Ryles new profile April 2024Gemma Ryles, Home Tech Writer
Gemma is a BJTC and PPA-accredited journalist with three years of experience writing across various publications. As a home tech expert at Independent Advisor, Gemma tests, researches and writes about broadband and home security.

Our Energy Saving Expert, Katharine Allison.Katharine Allison, Energy Saving Writer
Katharine is a writer with over 10 years’ experience. As one of Independent Advisor’s energy saving experts, Katharine, is an authority on solar panels, double glazing, and cutting-edge renewable energy technologies.

Hannah Holway circleHannah Holway, Energy Saving Writer
Hannah is a writer with eight years of experience across several categories. As an energy saving expert at Independent Advisor, Hannah specialises in solar panels and windows and how they can impact your energy bills.

Molly Dyson, Senior Production Editor
Molly studied journalism and creative writing at university in her home country of the United States. Now a senior editor at Independent Advisor, Molly is an expert in a broad range of consumer topics, including car insurance, home insurance, double glazing and solar panels.

profile pic iconAmy Reeves, Production Editor
Amy is a seasoned writer and editor with a special interest in home design, sustainable technology and green building methods. Now an editor at Independent Advisor, Amy manages homes-related content for the site, including solar panels, combi boilers, and windows.

Mina Frost new profile April 2024Mina Frost, Production Editor
Mina is an experienced writer and editor with a focus on home tech and appliances. As an editor at Independent Advisor, Mina manages the site’s broadband content.


Emma Lunn, Finance Writer

Laura Miller, Finance Writer

Cathy Hudson, Finance Writer

James Milin-Ashmore, VPN Tech Editor

Henry St Leger, Home Tech and VPN Writer

Mariana Krasteva, VPN Writer

Robin Whitlock, Energy Saving Writer

Sam Jeans, Energy Saving Writer

Rob Binns, Energy Saving Writer

Rachel Hale, Energy Saving Writer

Allie Anderson, Health Writer

Why you should trust us 

Independent, unbiased writers

Honest, independent reviews and advice is our priority. We are committed to bringing our readers unbiased, accurate information and only recommending products that have passed our rigorous testing standards.

Real-life testing

Where a product type allows, we’ll test it in real-life settings. You don’t use a product in a lab, so why would we test it under those conditions? This enables us to give you an honest and realistic assessment of how a product works and performs. 

Where it isn’t possible to review something in this way – such as a financial service – then we’ll test the processes people experience when using that product – from a consumer’s point of view. For example, testing customer service responses through mystery shopping.

The Independent Advisor editorial code

The foundation of our content is research and data; we won’t publish any articles that aren’t evidenced and carefully sourced. Our research is thoroughly fact-checked, including by independent fact-checkers where appropriate.

While we do work with commercial partners, financial opportunities will never take precedence over, or interfere with, our editorial integrity.

Our team complies with strict editorial guidelines at all times:

  • Our writers must be impartial and honest; they have no affiliation with any brand or product.
  • We do not accept any perks or gifts from companies that we feature or may feature in the future.
  • All our content is informed by data and research; any claims our writers make must be backed up by measurable evidence.
  • Everything we publish is fact-checked before publication by independent checkers where appropriate.
  • We only use authoritative and reputable sources. We will reference more than one source where available and link to (or list) those sources in our articles in a relevant place in the article.
  • We use search engine optimisation (SEO) to make our content as easy to find – and help as many people – as possible.
  • Where affiliate links appear in our content, they will be clearly marked as such; any advertising or sponsored content will be clearly highlighted.
  • Product reviews adhere to strict guidelines; you can find out more on our review guidelines page.
  • Independent Advisor is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).
  • Our editorial team is profiled on our About Us page; refer to this page for contact details.

Your privacy

At The Independent, we take your privacy seriously, which is why we adhere to a strict privacy policy and cookie policy. Similarly, when it comes to any competitions that we run, there are a number of terms and conditions we abide by.

Affiliate disclosure

In certain instances we’ll make money when one of our readers makes a purchase or completes a form through our pages or on a partner’s website. We will never allow commercial opportunities to interfere or influence our editorial independence. The revenue we do make helps to fund journalism across The Independent.