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Compare broadband offers in Glasgow 2024

Looking for cheap broadband? Compare prices from top providers and get a great deal

A broadband connection has many uses from streaming and gaming to working from home. There are plenty of broadband deals in Glasgow, from broadband-only deals to phone and TV bundles. The best broadband deals will provide the best speeds for your area while not breaking the bank. We’ve found all the best broadband Glasgow broadband deals that you won’t want to miss. 

Independent Advisor’s top deal

We’ve chosen this deal because it offers a balance of speed and affordability for the everyday user, with no upfront cost.

Plusnet – Full Fibre 145
Monthly Cost
Average speed
145 Mb
Contract term
24 months

Price could rise by CPI+3.9% next April

Our top recommended broadband providers
Fast speeds & reliable customer service
Virgin Media
Ultrafast speeds at affordable prices
Perks for existing mobile customers
BT Broadband
The UK’s largest broadband provider

What broadband options are available in Glasgow?

Glasgow is a major city, so it comes as no surprise that it has an abundance of broadband packages available in the area. Broadband deals in Glasgow include packages from top providers, such as BT, Sky and TalkTalk. 

Glasgow broadband providers offer a variety of broadband-only packages and options to add-on phone and TV bundles. 

  • Broadband only: You should choose this package if you only require an internet connection and don’t need landline and TV services
  • Broadband and phone: Most broadband services still require a landline to deliver broadband, which means you may require a broadband and phone deal – the provider will usually specify whether a landline is required. If you still use your landline to make calls, you’ll want to opt for a broadband and phone deal
  • Broadband and TV packages: This type of package is convenient if you watch a lot of live TV. Combing the two commodities could save you money, there are plenty of broadband and TV bundles available from HD cinema channels to live sports – Sky and BT offer the best broadband and TV deals 

Glasgow is well-connected and a large number of broadband providers service Glasgow’s postcodes. Though you’ll find a large number of broadband deals available, there are some areas where the ultrafast fibre to the premises (FTTP) and hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) are still being rolled out, which means they’re only available on a postcode by postcode basis. 

Best broadband providers in Glasgow

The following broadband providers offer deals in Glasgow:   

  • BT: One of the UK’s biggest broadband providers, BT offers superfast full fibre broadband deals in Glasgow. With BT, you can choose from broadband only, phone as well as broadband and TV bundles 
  • Sky: Sky is well-known for its broadband and TV bundles – combine your internet package with your favourite sports and cinema channels. Sky offers a range of broadband packages and its superfast broadband offers average speeds of 61Mbps in Glasgow. Its fastest packages which require FTTP are not available for all Glasgow postcodes  
  • TalkTalk: A budget broadband provider – it offers similar broadband speeds to some other providers but comes with a smaller price tag. TalkTalk’s fibre and full fibre packages, with average Glaswegian speeds of 72Mbps to 110Mbps, can be combined with a TV bundle
  • Vodafone: With an abundance of fibre and full-fibre packages on offer, Vodafone touches various price points. Its full fibre package delivers speeds of up to 910Mbps, and its broadband deals can be combined with Apple TV+, as well as landline and mobile phone bundles. Vodafone doesn’t service all areas of Glasgow, instead, those households can opt for one of Vodafone’s mobile broadband packages that use 4G or 5G 
  • EE Broadband: Offers ultrafast broadband packages that rival Virgin Media. EE is owned by BT, and customers can choose from broadband only packages, landline and sim and TV bundles 
  • Virgin Media: Virgin Media offers some of the fastest internet speeds in Glasgow. Its Gig1 broadband can reach speeds of 1,000Mbps – it’s delivered via HFC, which is not currently available to all postcodes yet
  • Plusnet: For those on a budget, Plusnet offers affordable broadband deals with fibre and full fibre packages reaching speeds of 115Mbps or above 
  • NOW Broadband: NOW only offers three broadband packages, and its fastest package – super fibre – delivers an average broadband speed of 63Mbps. NOW’s broadband deals are some of the most affordable, and for a small fee you can add on an entertainment membership which gives you access to NOW’s streaming platform

How do I find broadband providers in Glasgow and what factors should I consider?

To find the best broadband deals in Glasgow, use our postcode checker to see what’s available in your area. Simultaneously, there are some factors to consider when choosing a broadband deal that’s right for you. 

Consider the following when choosing a Glasgow broadband provider:

Broadband speed in Glasgow

Most broadband providers will specify average upload and download speeds for their broadband packages. However, it might not be representative of the speeds that your area receives. You should consider using our broadband postcode checker, this can give you a better idea of the broadband speeds you can expect to experience in your area. 

Price of the deal

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the broadband speed provided – the more costly the package will be. Of course, super-fast internet speeds are desired by all, but you might want to assess whether you truly need ultra-fast internet. Your broadband package may also come with an initial set-up fee – to find the best broadband deals in Glasgow compare packages for price, speeds and added costs. 

Provider reputation 

Broadband providers offer a service that connects our devices to the internet – and with the rise of working from home, this connection has become increasingly important. You must choose a trustworthy broadband provider with a good reputation. Read customer reviews from websites, such as Trustpilot, to learn more about customer experiences and, since most people have broadband in their homes, ask friends and family about their experiences, too. 

Provider customer service

Your broadband provider should have a good level of customer service. If you’ve experienced a wifi blackout, you’ll know this is a dire prospect and one you need to rectify as soon as possible. The best broadband providers will have a customer support helpline for these types of situations. 

Do you need a wifi booster for your area with that provider?

This will depend on the provider and broadband package that you choose. Some postcodes in Glasgow can receive FTTP and HFC – these offer the fastest broadband speeds. Areas that have limited broadband options, may suffer from slow internet speeds. A wifi booster is a good device to have if you find the signal strength around your home is low.           

What broadband speeds can I expect in Glasgow?

What broadband speed that you can expect will depend on your postcode. Some areas of Glasgow can receive ultrafast full fibre broadband with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1,000Mbps and above. 

If your postcode is not yet serviced by the full fibre network, most areas in Glasgow can still receive fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) – a slightly slower version of full fibre broadband. FTTC generally provides average broadband speeds of 35Mbps to 70Mbps in Glasgow. 

What are the most common types of broadband available in Glasgow?

There are four types of broadband, all of which are available in Glasgow, but not necessarily for every house. Full fibre broadband is quickly becoming the most sought-after type of broadband – it’s fast and reliable. However, not all Glasgow postcodes have access to the fastest type of fibre optics just yet. You can check which broadband deals are available in your area using our postcode checker.  

  • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL): This is the most common type of broadband and the slowest of all the types. It’s delivered to homes via copper wires that also deliver your home’s phone line service. 
  • Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC): Broadband is delivered to your nearest street cabinet, and from there it uses the copper wires to deliver broadband to your home. It’s quicker than ADSL, and most providers offer this type of fibre – average speeds are around 70Mbps. 
  • Fibre to the premises (FTTP): This offers ultrafast broadband speeds that can surpass 1,000Mbps. This type delivers fibre broadband directly into your home.  
  • Hybrid fibre coaxial: This type of broadband is currently only offered by Virgin Media. It delivers fibre broadband to the street cabinet, and then uses a coaxial cable, as opposed to a copper wire, to deliver broadband into your home. It provides the fastest broadband speeds on the market reaching up to 1,130Mbps. 

Frequently asked questions about broadband deals in Glasgow

There are various ways to improve your broadband speed. The easiest and quickest solution would be to use a wifi booster if areas of your home are wifi dead zones. However, your broadband speed is linked to your provider and broadband package. Another way to improve your broadband package is to switch providers and choose one with decent average speeds for your area.

Broadband packages typically come with an average speed that you can expect. How fast you need your broadband speed needs to be will largely depend on your digital activities. Streaming requires a considerable amount of bandwidth. Ideally, your broadband speed should be a minimum of 25Mbps, but for 4K and HD videos, between 70Mbps and 100Mbps or higher is best.


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