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Allianz car insurance review

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A relatively new entrant to the market, Allianz Insurance is the rebranded name for Flow car insurance.  

Although it’s only been around for a few years, it has an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, a five-star review from Defaqto, and, as Flow, won Best Newcomer at the 2022 Insurance Choice Awards.

Read on for our Allianz car insurance review, including how it works, what it offers, and what its customers think of its service.

What car insurance cover is offered by Allianz? 

Allianz offers one level of comprehensive car insurance, on an annual basis. 

With Allianz car insurance, you’ll be covered for:

  • Injuries to other people: if you injure someone in an accident, your insurance will cover any claims made against you
  • Damage to other people’s property: your policy will cover you for up to £20 million for damage to other people’s property
  • Fire damage: if your vehicle is damaged in a fire, lightning, or an explosion, you can make a claim up to its market value
  • Theft: if you car is stolen or damaged in an attempted theft, you can make a claim up to its market value
  • Damage to your car: if your car is damaged in an accident, you can make a claim up to its market value
  • Manufacturer-fitted in-car equipment: you can make an unlimited claim to replace or repair any in-car equipment fitted by the car’s manufacturer when it was first registered
  • Replacement locks and keys: you can claim for replacement locks and any ignition devices, as long as they weren’t left in the car, or immediate proximity of the car, when stolen
  • Use by the motor trade, hotels and car parks: if you car is damaged when at a garage or being parked by a valet, you won’t have to pay your excess
  • Misfuelling: if you put the wrong fuel in your car, you can get it drained, flushed, and repaired if the engine has been damaged
  • Windscreen and window glass: you can claim for repairs to your windscreen and window glass, including sun-roofs
  • Personal accident: you or your partner can claim up to the amount shown on your Schedule  for death or eligible injury following an accident
  • Medical expenses: you can claim up to £250 for any medical expenses following an accident in your car
  • Road rage expenses: if you, your partner, or any other named drivers are assaulted following an accident, you can claim up to £500
  • Aggravated car theft expenses: if you, your partner or any other named drivers are physically assaulted during an aggravated car theft, you can claim up to £500
  • Personal belongings: you can claim up to £300 for any personal belongings lost or damaged due to an accident, fire, theft or attempted theft, excluding money, stamps, tickets, documents, tools and some other items
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs: any repairs carried out by recommended garages are guaranteed for life, as long as you own the car
  • European cover: you’ll receive the same level of cover driving in Europe as you have in the UK, for a maximum of 180 days in a calendar year
  • Uninsured drivers: you won’t have to pay your excess, nor will you lose your no-claims bonus, if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver and it isn’t your fault
  • Vandalism: if your car is vandalised, you won’t have to pay your excess, nor will you lose your no-claims bonus, as long as you report it to the police and provide AllianzFlow with a crime reference number
  • New car replacement: if you’ve had your car for less than a year, and are the first registered keeper, and the cost of repairing the car is more than 50 per cent of its list price, or it is stolen and not recovered, you can get a like-for-like replacement
  • Driving other cars: if eligible, you can drive other cars on your Allianz car insurance, with third party cover in place
  • Guaranteed hire car: you get a guaranteed hire car included as standard. This means you can get a temporary replacement vehicle when your car is being repaired at an approved garage 
  • Motor legal protection: your policy  includes cover for legal costs up to £100,000, if you need to pursue an uninsured driver for losses you’ve sustained in a non-fault accident, or in the event of a motor prosecution or court case following an incident

Unless you add the Family Package, Allianz car insurance doesn’t include child seat cover, aftermarket in-car equipment cover, or onward travel expenses. 

Allianz car insurance policies at a glance

Allianz car insurance 
Age rangeAll
Level of coverComprehensive
Injuries to other peopleYes
Damage to other people’s propertyYes
Fire damageYes
Repairs to your own car following accidentYes
Motor legal protectionYes
Your medical expensesUp to £250 in medical expenses
Up to £500 if you or your partner are physically assaulted following an accident, or in an aggravated car theftPersonal accident claims up to amount shown on Schedule
Driving other carsYes (if eligible, third party cover only)
Breakdown coverOptional
Courtesy car coverHire car included
Hire car coverYes
Windscreen replacementYes
Personal belongingsUp to £300
Replacement locks and keysYes
Protected no-claims bonusOptional
Cancellation fee£40

Allianz car insurance optional extras 

  • Family package: you can add the family package for an extra £6 a year. This includes child car seat, aftermarket in-car equipment, and onward travel benefits
  • Breakdown cover: you can add breakdown cover, starting at £32 a year. You can pick from local, national and European cover
  • Protected no-claims discount: you can choose to protect your no-claims bonus. This means, no matter how many claims you make, your discount won’t be affected. You must have four or more years of a bonus built-up to be eligible

How to claim with Allianz car insurance

If you need to make a car insurance claim through Allianz, you should:

  1. Check that everyone is safe and secure: this includes yourself, passengers in your car, and any third parties involved in the accident 
  2. Exchange details with the other driver(s), and make notes: you’ll need to exchange details with those involved, and make a note of any relevant information, such as the location, time of day, and weather conditions
  3. Contact Allianz as soon as you can: you should call your provider as soon as you can, even if you don’t intend to make a claim. Allianz’s line is open 24/7. Call 0330 678 5557 if you are in the UK. You can find these numbers through the ‘Make a Claim’ button in your Allianz online account
  4. Tell Allianz what kind of claim you’re making: you’ll need to inform Allianz of the kind of claim you need to make
  5. Allianz will arrange what happens next: your provider will recommend the best course of action, for example, driving to an approved repairer, or waiting for someone to come to you

How to cancel Allianz car insurance

To cancel your Allianz car insurance policy, you’ll need to log into your account, and select ‘cancel policy’. 

 If you cancel your policy, it will cost the following:

Cancellation periodFee
Within 14 days of your policy start date£0
After 14 days, or if Allianz needs to cancel your policy£40

How to contact Allianz car insurance 

Aside from when making a claim, you control most aspects of your Allianz car insurance policy through a self-service online account.

If you want to make a complaint, meanwhile, you can write to:

Customer Relations Manager
County Gates

If your complaint is about a new or existing claim, you can also email 

Allianz car insurance customer reviews 

Allianz Insurance has an ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating of 4.5 out of five, based on more than 17,100 reviews.

It’s important to note, however, that these reviews are for Allianz Insurance as a whole, and not just its car insurance products. This is because Allianz also offers, among other products, home insurance

Of its five-star reviews – which make up 79 per cent of its total ratings – customers were fans of Allianz for the simplicity and ease with which you can get a quote, and purchase a policy. There was also praise for Allianz’s services when dealing with claims. 

However, the small number of negative reviews did frequently mention frustrations with the online-only nature of Allianz’s customer service, especially when it comes to renewals.


“I had honestly never heard of Flow so was intrigued when they appeared [at the] top of the comparison site. I saw the reviews and thought all these people can’t be wrong. Went through the setup in a breeze. I was informed all but claims were online based and that was fine with me. My account was easy to setup and the site is well laid out and easy to navigate so all in all another happy customer.”


“We were insured with Flow insurance and unfortunately our car was stolen. The service received from Flow from reporting the incident to receiving the cheque has been excellent. The staff we have dealt with have all been very helpful, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Would definitely recommend them and we will certainly be using them to insure our new car.”


“An absent service provider. Flow Insurance has no telephone numbers and can only be contacted via the website, and then that is to only update your policy. My renewal price jumped by 75 per cent this year and I was unable to discuss it with anyone. Shocking customer service, with no means to remedy or sort it out.”

What Defaqto ratings does Allianz car insurance have?

Alongside its ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating, Allianz has the following reviews from Defaqto:

  • Allianz insurance ★★★★★
  • Allianz car insurance (with Family Package): ★★★★★

How does Allianz compare to its competitors?

Provider nameTrustpilot scoreDefaqto score
Allianz4.5 stars5 stars 
Direct Line3.8 stars5 stars (3 stars for Third party, fire and theft and Essentials)
People’s Choice1.4 stars5 stars (4 stars for third party, fire and theft)
Hastings Direct4.1 stars5 stars (4 stars for Third party, fire and theft, 3 stars for Telematics, 2 stars for Essential)
Admiral Insurance4.5 stars5 stars (4 stars for Telematics, 3 stars for Essential)
Aviva4.0 stars5 stars (3 stars for Third party, fire and theft)
AXA4.3 stars4 stars (5 stars for Plus)
LV4.4 stars5 stars (3 stars for Third party, fire and theft)
esure3.4 stars5 stars (4 stars for Third party, fire and theft)
Ageas4.1 stars5 stars (3 stars for Essentials, and Telematics)
All scores are correct as of 20 March 2024


 Allianz car insurance  has everything you’d expect from a comprehensive policy, with hire car and motor legal protection included as standard.

It comes with  fairly substantial personal accident and medical expenses coverage, including payouts if you are assaulted due to an accident.

Its stripped-back approach to customer service, meanwhile, could save you money when it comes to getting a quote. 

However,while Allianz is very upfront about the self-service nature of its offering, that could be a red flag if you’re someone who wants to talk to someone on the phone to resolve any issues.

Allianz car insurance FAQs

Flow car insurance has rebranded as Allianz. While the annual car insurance policy remains the same, it no longer offers a monthly subscription-based policy.

Allianz Insurance is owned and operated by LV. Its premiums are underwritten by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited. LV itself is part of Allianz Group.

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