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SimpliSafe vs ADT home security

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Home security systems vary widely, with some offering a hands-off, professionally installed and monitored approach. In contrast, others, often with more affordable price tags, are designed to be easily installed and self-monitored. Equipment options differ, too, as do price points. 

ADT and SimpliSafe are prominent players in the home security market; however, they cater to different customer needs. ADT is known for its long-standing reputation and professional installations, offering a comprehensive range of services focusing on traditional, high-end home security solutions. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, is recognised for its DIY, easy-to-install systems and more affordable, flexible pricing without requiring long-term contracts. 

Our experts have dug deep, exploring SimpliSafe and ADT’s home security systems, and found that SimpliSafe delivers better service for affordability, installation, monitoring options, and customer care. 

Our top three recommended providers

SimpliSafe vs ADT home security: Quick view

SimpliSafe ADT
Lowest equipment cost £284.96 (The Foundation package) Price on asking (POA)
Monthly fee From £15.99 From £35.99
Installation DIY or professional installation from £125 Professional installation from £169
Monitor Professional or self-monitored Professional
Power source Battery and plug-in Battery and wired
Live streaming Yes Yes
Push alerts Yes Yes
Remotely arm/disarm Yes Yes
Voice assistant Google Assistant and Alexa Apple Siri


SimpliSafe is one of the most affordable home security packages, with prices published clearly on its website, while ADT designs bespoke systems tailored to individual homeowners’ requirements. As a result, prices are only available on request. 

Packages Price
SimpliSafe The Foundation £284.96
The Starter £319.95
The Essentials £349.93
The Warwick £399.89
The Windsor £499.86
The Tower £514.93
The Bamburgh £554.87
The Edinburgh £664.87
ADT Smart Alarm System POA
Burglar Alarm System POA
Pet Friendly System POA


SimpliSafe provides eight home security system bundles, with prices varying between £284.96 for The Foundation package and £654.87 for The Edinburgh. Each bundle includes essential components, such as a base unit, keypad, entry and motion sensors, and surveillance cameras. The top-tier package additionally offers extra entry and motion sensors, a key fob, a siren, a panic button, and environmental sensors. For further customisation, you can select from individually priced items to enhance an existing system or design a customised system to meet your specific requirements.

Its home security packages come with a 60-day full refund guarantee.


ADT provides fully customisable systems featuring high-quality electronics. Its range includes touchscreen security panels, motion sensors, and 720p HD cameras with two-way audio and night vision capabilities. Additionally, ADT offers a comprehensive array of environmental and safety monitoring tools such as smoke detectors, water leak detectors, gas sensors, panic buttons, and more.

Home security systems from ADT come with a six-month money-back guarantee. 

Installation and monitoring

Installation Cost
Simplisafe DIY N/A
Simplisafe professional £125
ADT From £169
Monitoring plan Price
SimpliSafe Pro Premium 93p/day
Pro 53p/day
ADT Private Security Response POA
Police Response POA
Keyholder Response From around £35.99


Designed for budget-aware DIY enthusiasts, SimpliSafe’s packages feature wireless components that require no tools for installation. Each part comes with user-friendly peel-and-stick pads for effortless wall mounting. 

Once the mobile app is downloaded, plug in the base station and follow the in-app instructions for adding sensors, monitors and other devices. Finally, customise your system settings and control your system through the SimpliSafe app. This includes setting up notifications and alarm settings.

SimpliSafe systems are designed to connect to your home wifi, but include cellular backup to ensure your system remains operational even if your wifi goes down.

However, booking a professional installation from £125 is possible. The SimpliSafe technician will install, connect, and explain your security system. 

SimpliSafe offers two monitoring plans – Pro Premium at 93p/day and Pro at 53p/day, managed by Securitas. The Pro plan gives you 24/7 monitoring and contacts your designated keyholders if necessary, while the Pro Premium includes police and fire dispatch, guard response, and unlimited camera recording. 


ADT systems require professional installations from £169. Every package includes a digital control panel, sensors for entry points, a motion detector, a wireless keychain remote, and round-the-clock professional monitoring. Customers enhance their security with extra sensors, cameras, and other devices. The technician will set up and test the system and provide a comprehensive tutorial on its operation, including guidance on using the mobile app.

All ADT systems include round-the-clock monitoring as a primary feature. Three paid monitoring plans are offered, allowing homeowners to designate a trusted friend as a keyholder, opt for police notification, or arrange for a private security guard to respond during an alarm activation. 

The prices for these services are unavailable as each plan is tailored to the homeowner’s requirements, but based on conversations with ADT’s sales advisors, our researchers found monthly professional monitoring services start from around £35.99.

Performance and equipment


Simplisafe’s systems are controlled via the Base Station. (Simplisafe)

At the heart of SimpliSafe’s system is its compact base station. The featured blue light indicates the unit is active, and it houses a 105dB siren, a back-up battery that reportedly lasts up to 24 hours, and a SIM card for cellular connectivity.

Motion detectors are designed to distinguish between intruders and pets. SimpliSafe has achieved this by recognising the distinct heat signature of humans, thereby ignoring the presence of cats and dogs under 23kg. The sensor can monitor up to 30 feet with a 90-degree field of vision. 

The keypad, in black or white and powered by four AA batteries, features a 2.5-inch LCD screen and boasts large, round backlit rubber buttons. A built-in proximity sensor enhances its usability by lighting the keypad in dark conditions for nighttime use. 

SimpliSafe systems offer the convenience of arming and disarming with just a button press through its key fob. This lets you easily set your alarm to ‘away’ mode when you leave home and press ‘off’ to disarm it upon your return. Additionally, the key fob includes a helpful panic button that, when pressed, sends an alert to the emergency monitoring centre.

SimpliSafe’s high-resolution cameras provide clear images for identifying details, such as faces or number plates.

Outdoor cameras deliver 1080p HD video, colour night vision, a 140-degree field of view, and digital zoom options. Several outdoor models feature motion-activated spotlights.

The indoor camera offers adjustable height and tilt features but does not support panning or zooming capabilities. Despite this, its 120-degree lens ensures a broad viewing range.


The touchscreen panel is used to interact with the different ADT security devices. (ADT)

ADT’s control centre is a smart 7-inch tablet with a high-definition touchscreen. It features an 8MP camera, allows system arm/disarm, two-way audio, and can detect glass breakages in the event of an intruder. All tailored systems include this smart hub. 

Depending on your requirements, you can incorporate a range of sensors and cameras in your system.

ADT’s indoor camera features 1080p colour HD video quality, a 113-degree field of view, and two-way communication. It’s equipped for clear infrared recording in low-light or dark conditions and will activate upon detecting movement to preserve battery life. 

The outdoor camera lets you record and watch live 1080p high-definition footage and uses ADT’s advanced night vision technology to deliver clear, sharp images. It includes a high-endurance SD card, allowing continuous recordings. 

Support and customer reviews


SimpliSafe offers several resources for customer support, including an online user forum for sharing ideas and asking advice and a comprehensive help centre. 

Customer support is available by phone:

Weekdays 9 am – 7 pm

Weekends 9 am – 5.30 pm

If you prefer, you can complete an online email form or schedule a call back from SimpliSafe’s team. 

SimpliSafe has a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of five stars, with almost 7,500 customer reviews, 91 per cent of which have awarded four or five stars. One and two-star reviews make up 6 per cent, and both positive and negative reviews have received a prompt reply from SimpliSafe. 

Many customers cite hassle-free installations, good products, and responsive, helpful customer support. 


ADT’s app allows customers to contact support, book engineers, and access the online help centre. 

However, several phone numbers are available, including an emergency helpline and an online email form, depending on your query. 

With over 25,000 reviews, ADT has been awarded 4.5 out of five stars on Trustpilot. Four and five stars make up 83 per cent, while 15 per cent are one and two-star reviews. 

Customers frequently mention the professionalism of ADT’s engineers and good product performance; however, several have experienced poor customer service. ADT responds to its reviews in a timely fashion. 


SimpliSafe vs ADT home security: Which is best?

Choosing between SimpliSafe and ADT home security systems depends on individual needs and preferences; however, if you prioritise affordability, ease of installation, flexible monitoring options, and better customer support, SimpliSafe comes out on top. 


SimpliSafe offers a range of affordable off-the-shelf security packages, easily optimised to suit your particular requirements. Systems are easily self-installed, or a professional can set it up for a fee. ADT only supplies tailored packages, requiring installation by an ADT technician. 


Although both companies have professional monitoring plans, SimpliSafe can be self-monitored, avoiding the monthly subscription fees. ADT’s product and monitoring costs are unavailable online, making comparing the two on prices hard.  


SimpliSafe and ADT’s extensive product catalogue features indoor and outdoor cameras with similar capabilities, motion detectors, and environmental sensors. SimpliSafe’s devices are more contemporary in design, with a user-centric focus – backlit keypads and LED activation lights, for example, but both offer high-quality, performance-led products. 


Trustpilot’s customer reviews for SimpliSafe and ADT are comparable. However, our research shows that SimpliSafe has the edge, with more positive reviews than ADT. 


After examining the findings of our experts’ many hours of research, assessment, and analysis, SimpliSafe is our winner. 

Our top three recommended providers

Frequently asked questions

SimpliSafe’s systems are designed for easy DIY installation and uninstallation, making them highly portable. If you’ve chosen to use professional monitoring, transferring to your new address is usually simple.

ADT systems are professionally installed, which can make them more complex to move, with potential associated costs. 

You’ll need to coordinate with ADT to transfer your service, possibly renegotiate your contract based on your new home’s requirements, and then arrange for your new security system installation.

Determining the appropriate size of a SimpliSafe or ADT home security system depends on your home’s specific characteristics and security needs. 

Consider the number of doors and windows you want to protect. Each external door and accessible window should ideally have its own sensor. Also, think about areas in your home where an intruder is likely to pass, as these are ideal spots for motion detectors.

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