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Best VPN deals February 2024: Save on the top providers

Interested in the best VPN deals on the market? We’ve looked at every top provider to bring you this up-to-date list for February 2024

If you’re in need of a quality Virtual Private Network (VPN), there’s a long list of contenders to choose from. It’s a competitive market, with something to suit almost everyone’s needs. 

Some providers are cheaper than others, while the best VPN deals are likely to include free coverage, and a significant reduction in price. 

We’ve checked out every top provider to bring you this list, including a couple of exclusive deals you won’t find elsewhere.

Top VPN deals at a glance: February 2024

This month’s best VPN deals

How to get a good VPN deal

There’s no point in signing up with the first provider you find online. While the majority of VPNs are similar in some respects, it’s worth factoring in for the unique features found with each service. Do you need a VPN for streaming with a particular platform, or will you be using a router to connect to multiple devices? Some are better than others in most instances. 

Identify which provider you’d like to sign up with, and the length of time you plan to use a VPN for when committing to a longer deal. Of course, many VPNs aim to entice users to sign up for lengthier periods by lowering the asking price significantly, but it’s the easiest way to get access to the best VPN deals available. 

It’s not unheard of for VPN prices to change frequently, with various deals and promotions designed to coincide with holidays and other notable events throughout the year. Make sure to take advantage of any potential savings if you’re likely to be using a VPN in the long term.

Should I use a free VPN instead?

It’s always tempting to opt for a free provider, especially if you’re not impressed by the prospect of paying for a VPN subscription. However, the majority of free VPNs are found wanting, whether it’s due to slower speeds, a lack of streaming access, or poor encryption methods. You’ll find fewer servers to connect with, and numerous missing features. 

Some free VPNs have even been known to sell user data to third parties, and we’d be especially wary of downloading a random provider you’ve found online. Stick with an audited VPN for the best results in terms of performance and security. In any case, the more affordable providers work out to less than £2 per month, so there’s a deal to suit almost every budget.

Round up of today’s best VPN deals
NordVPN 2 year £2.49 /Month
£2.49 /Month
Surfshark 24 month £1.79 /Month
£1.79 /Month
ExpressVPN 12 month £6.79 /Month
£6.79 /Month
CyberGhost 2 year £1.78 /Month
£1.78 /Month
Proton 2 year £4.26 /Month
£4.26 /Month
PIA 2 year £1.57 /Month
£1.57 /Month
Atlas 2 year £1.34 /Month
£1.34 /Month
PrivadoVPN 2 year £1.99 /Month
£1.99 /Month
Windscribe 12 month £4.60 /Month
£4.60 /Month
IPVanish 2 year £2.92 /Month
£2.92 /Month
Overall Score: 5/5
Overall Score: 5/5

Packed to the brim with unique features, NordVPN has high-speed RAM-only servers in 61+ countries, including support for tasks like streaming, Tor over VPN, torrenting, and much more. Our top pick as the best overall VPN right now thanks to a solid mix of affordability and security, it comes in at just £2.49 per month for longer deals. The provider is now offering three extra months for free and a large discount (67 per cent) for anyone who signs up for a two-year plan. The promotion has been released to coincide with NordVPN’s 12th birthday.

Overall Score: 5/5
Overall Score: 5/5

Surfshark is rated as the best-value VPN with good reason. It matches up to more expensive providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN in most respects, while a two-year deal priced at £1.79 per month is going to be hard to beat. You’ll get access to servers in 100+ countries, while you can connect with as many devices as you like using a single account. It’s an audited service, with a watertight logging policy.

Overall Score: 5/5
Overall Score: 5/5

ExpressVPN is one of the best-known providers on the market, offering user-friendly apps for all devices, sleek streaming support, and a variety of cutting-edge features. With potential savings of 49 per cent, the latest ExpressVPN deal works out to £6.79 per month. It’s slightly more expensive than the average provider, but you won’t feel short changed if you opt for this VPN deal.

Overall Score: 5/5
Overall Score: 5/5

Atlas VPN has carved out a niche as an affordable alternative to many of the options found above. Coming in at just £1.34 per month if you sign up for two years, you’ll also get six months of free coverage on top. As with every provider on the list, you’ll have to pay for the entirety of the contract upfront. Features include unlimited simultaneous device connections, MultiHop, streaming support, and much more.

Exclusive deal: Get six months free with a two-year plan and save 86 per cent

Exclusive deal: Get six months free with a two-year plan and save 86 per cent

Overall Score: 5/5
Overall Score: 5/5

CyberGhost has over 10,000 servers to pick from in 100+ countries, including specialised servers optimised for tasks like streaming and torrenting. You’ll find apps for all devices, and it was independently audited by Deloitte in March 2023. It’s hard to think of many faults, while a two-year deal priced at £1.78 per month is particularly eye-catching. Long-term plans come with a 45-day money-back guarantee so you’ll be able to test it out for yourself at no risk.

Overall Score: 5/5
Overall Score: 5/5

An open-source option with various advanced features like Secure Core servers and a Stealth VPN protocol, Proton VPN has a clear emphasis on privacy, but still comes up with the goods in terms of streaming access and connection speeds. Plus, 50 per cent off a two-year plan is a significant saving, especially as it works out to be one of the more expensive providers otherwise (£4.26 per month instead of £8.53). Fast and reliable connections make it our top VPN for torrenting.

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