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ExpressVPN launches five new features for iOS, Android and Windows

Popular VPN provider ExpressVPN has shared an update that includes expanded features – at no extra cost. 

ExpressVPN is already ranked as one of the best VPN providers according to our reviewers, with a feature-packed service, and its updates strengthen security and increase streaming capabilities. The series of new features include an ad-blocker, more servers and more simultaneous device connections – all for the same subscription price. 

New features are currently available for iOS, Android and Windows and are expected to be available on Mac and Linux devices before the end of 2023.

ExpressVPN’s new features


Intrusive ads are something that is quickly becoming a nuisance online, and they slow down internet speeds and can consume a considerable amount of data. ExpressVPN’s new ad-blocker feature filters out most display ads and will stop them from loading on your browser, helping to significantly improve page load time.   

Adult site blocker

The adult site blocker is an extension of ExpressVPN’s other advanced protection features that use open-source blocklists for blocking ads, trackers, malicious sites and adult sites. ExpressVPN says it regularly updates its blocklists, staying abreast of the latest cyber security threats. 

ExpressVPN recommends using the new ad-blocker and adult site blocker alongside its pre-existing Threat Manager, which is a web tracker and malware blocker. All three tools, when used in parallel, provide a robust and advanced level of protection, according to the provider.  

Expanded server network

The service has expanded its server network from 94 to 105 countries. VPN providers who offer a larger server base allow access to a diverse range of IP addresses. It also enhances user experience, in particular when streaming, as you’re more likely to find a server that will deliver faster speeds because it’s not overloaded with other users. A VPN with servers located in a wide-range of countries can help users access geo-restricted content more easily. 

ExpressVPN’s new servers include Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guam, Honduras, Jamaica, Lebanon, Morocco, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad and Tobago. All of the new countries use ExpressVPN’s modern 10Gbps servers, and users can expect fast and reliable connections, says ExpressVPN.  

Connect more devices

Included in ExpressVPN’s series of new features is an increase to its multiple-device policy to allow eight simultaneous connections, up from five previously. The number of devices you can install the ExpressVPN app on has never been capped – the cap only applies to the number of devices that can connect to the VPN at the same time. 

Auto-update feature  

The new auto-update feature is only available for desktop apps. The feature allows for auto-updates, which means users will no longer be required to manually update to the latest version. 

ExpressVPN says desktop apps now come with automatic updates by default. After updating to the latest version, you’ll never need to manually update the app again.

Why do you need a VPN?

The majority of our lives are digital-focused, which means activities that involve personal and sensitive information are online, too. The best VPNs can encrypt your data and protect it from third parties, as well as conceal your real IP address. Connecting to a VPN server gives you the ability to fake your real location. While this is great for protecting your online identity, it can also help you access content on streaming platforms. Paid-for VPNs, as opposed to free VPNs, which come with fewer features, can also protect against malware, ads and trackers.

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